15 Stereotypes About Stripchat That Aren’t Always True

Disclaimer Every attempt has been made to anonymise all information printed. All questions were run by a third party who supplied descriptions of the various AM tables I don’t have access to the information collection. I can’t run queries on the database can’won and t ‘t tell you if your spouse was a member.

The Stripchat leak supplied an interesting insight to the seedy underworld of a cheater. Unlike other dating sites, Stripchat’s parent firm Avid Life Media made no attempt to conceal what this was an outlet for differently married or dedicated individuals to have an affair. Without further ado I present the information. In several cases, the graphs provide more information by hovering a mouse pointer over the lines. To see more detailed information, see the Google Sheet.

Stripchat supplies two choices Male or Female. Not a very modern view of gender identity, however that’s probably not the biggest issue here RRB

Irish Stripchat users were male, percent feminine.

This data set indicates the most common domain names the something. Com part of Irish customers email addresses.

ie , gov. Ie and a lot more besides.

Note the information in this chart is logarithmic mails within this chart gmail. Com what google did to me are not directly related to emails vodafone. Ie, check the numerical legend on top.

Domain names with one or less users have been filtered in an attempt to protect anonymity. You will find many small companies or sole traders which fit into this category. Another data collection of Irish domains is available here, also filtered, which queries the database for mails which end in. Ie, irrespective of country.

Reading to the above dataset, we can see exactly what the most popular third level institutes are. I’ve assembled this list , and may have missed some universities.

Towns & Cities with the most Stripchat users in Ireland. Note the information in this chart is logarithmic that the number of users in Dublin isn’t directly related to users in Dundalk, check the numerical legend on top. This chart scrolls.

The My Perfect Match part of the website, this is exactly what Irish users have said turns them on in a spouse, sorted by most popular. Unsurprisingly, Discretion/Secrecy is one of the most attractive attributes to Irish Stripchat users. A total of users also declare their love of regular consequently I’m sure those folk has to be a real riot.

The My Intimate Desires part of the website, this is a list of entries users have indicated they’re open to. Sorted by most popular.

How Irish users announced their ethnicity to Stripchat.

How Irish users clarified their physique. Would ‘t help but suspect people were being somewhat generous?

How people answered a query concerning their smoking habbits.

You can watch the complete data collection driving these graphs in Google Sheets. The queries which generated these data sets are also accessible on github.